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#WaddleOn - Me gustaria alguien como yo

¡Holitas, Pingüinitos!

El equipo de Club Penguin encargado de los episodios de WaddleOn a sacado a la luz un nuevo video con un significado navideño, este video en especial me a gustado mucho por el gran significado que tiene dentro. No le cuento mas y aquí tienen el video.
Como ven, este es un video musical... Aquí les dejo la letra de esta canción maravillosa.
Welcome new bears and robots!
Now let´s move out!
Sometimes I think I don´t fit in
My face is furry, my bottom´s tin
I´d love to find a cheery twin
A friend with whom I´d smile and grin
They´d shine my feet I´d comb their chin
And they´d see how I look within 
I´d like someone like me to like me
I love to give at Coins for Change
The good it does is beyond range
It is a gift I won´t exchange
It´s not off-white or bright o-range
But a train all by itself is strange
With no cars upon it to arrange
I´d like someone like me to like me

If I had a friend who could relate
Then Statue Concerts would be great!!!
Feeding reindeer would be so cool
We´d give them hay and wipe their drool
Here with my new amazing friend
The holidays would never seem to end
I´d like someone like me to like me

Oh Santa I´ve got one dream
One coupon to redeem
My joy would be extra supreme
(My eyes would shoot out laser beams)
If I was half of a great team
I´d like someone like me to like me
(Ho Ho Ho)

¿Que opinas de esta canción?

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